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KEnDIA Products - fair & care
Your purchase of local KenDia products and events supports families who live on the poverty line in Kenya and India. Fair & sustainable.
How? Read more & have a look at our KenDia Video 

KEnDIA Events - Just try it!

Are you looking for a special event for you, your friends and family or your team? Exciting, interactive and sustainable at the same time?
KEnDia4You - the cozy cultural event (free)
KEnDia Plus- the sustainable event for teams
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People on the poverty line face major challenges in their everyday lives. Many solutions are needed. One of them is KenDia - the shop that empowers people!

Since 2014 I have been committed to people in villages and slum areas in India and Kenya, both professionally and privately.
Together we develop ideas that counteract poverty, change everyday life in a positive way, impart knowledge and generate income.

This online shop helps to market local products. Selling these products gives people on the poverty line a chance for a better, healthier life. The seamstresses themselves determine the working conditions, the design and the production, the product price and the working hours and circumstances. We are partners - not donors and recipients 

You can help the selfhelp groups and their families by purchasing a product from KenDia and / or booking a KEnDIA event. This creates a regular income for them under fair conditions, strengthens people's self-confidence, enables them to help themselves and to invest in their children, families and health.

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